Friday, August 15, 2008

Tale as Old as Time. . .

Well I'm at it again - itching seems to have become a constant companion of mine. This spring I had bed bug bites, earlier it was summer mosquito bites, and now I have poison ivy. We think that I got this when I was picking blackberries . . . but strangely enough it has appeared all over my face. Once again I find myself being given a wonderful opportunity to practice both self-control and patience. I'm so fortunate! :) Truthfully, I am quite thankful it is finally starting to disappear.

Actually, probably the best lesson that I've learned in this is how our problems affect other people. We went to an English Country Line Dance last week (which was quite fun by the way - you really missed out if you didn't come!) and it was so hard to remember not to scratch! Several times I forgot and did scratch - then I had to go wash my hands before dancing, so that I wouldn't spread it throughout the crowd. :) It was a good way for me to remember that always in life I need to put others above myself . . . after all, it would have been so much easier to scratch away, but it was in the best interest of others for me to practice self-discipline. It's almost always easier to satisfy our own desires than to look out for the comfort and long-term needs of those around us.

"Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don't be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand." Philippians 2: 4 (The Message)

Zeke says: "community underwear", "I want a blog", and "why is this a Brazilian sword?".

Okay, following are photos of some of my poison ivy. I apologize if you find this gross - please don't feel under any obligation to look at them. :) I will probably take them off at some point like I did with my bed bug photos.

In Him,

See my amazing collection of remedies? All of them work . . . short term.

My neck

Some of it on my face

My leg

My stomach


Anonymous said...

ewwww!! gross!!

guess who this beck.:-D

Anonymous said...

I actually have no idea. . . Probably Alida?


Alida said...

Sonja informed me that I was being blamed for something I totally didn't do.

To answer your question it wasn't me. Sorry I have no idea who it was.

Anonymous said...

That's very gross!