Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Cast of Characters

Truman has brought such a variety of new people into my life! I've been amazed to see the many relationships God has built in the few months that I've been here. Let me introduce you to a few of the main characters in the story of my life these days:22652_1113184170351_1849332421_219125_3778489_n

This is Liz Hoffman. She plays the role of the Person I Spend the Most Time With. We’re planning on rooming together next year. Liz is also a nursing student, and is actively involved in the Newman Center (the Catholic student org. on campus). My favorite things about her are how honest and loyal she is. And, she’s the only one of my friends who gives as much as she gets from me when it comes to “mothering.” :)


4488_83131919286_505769286_1728040_3662321_n Here, we have Virginia Hiendelmayr. She plays the role of Diversity in my life, because life is always different and fresh and new with VA around. She’s studied abroad and worked in both Austria and Spain, and is taking 3 foreign languages this semester alone! I love her cheerful spirit – she always makes me laugh. I’m hoping to bring her to CCF with me sometime soon. She used to be part of the Christian Science church, but is looking for something else right now. . . and I just so happen to think I know One who can satisfy that search. :)


16436_188226935792_501430792_3299562_19530_nThis is the lovely Laurel Bellamy.  Her role in this story is Adventure Buddy – just yesterday we braved the cold for a shopping trip to downtown Kirksville! Laurel also comes to CCF with me on a regular basis, and has just joined the nursing program this semester. I love how goofy Laurel can be, and also how much she honestly desires to pursue God in the way she lives her life here at Truman.


15134_580603439252_36105931_33763970_1677014_n This lady is Gretchen Smiles. She’s a grad student here, and although I don’t really hang out with her very often, she’s been a big part of my life here. I cast her as The Encourager. She was my small group leader last semester, and it was so great to spend time talking with her about our faith. I’m going to miss her when she moves back to Chicago and starts teaching next year! She’s going to be a Special Ed. teacher too, which is very near to my heart.


17265_1237133290887_1305870234_30900988_3421171_n19050_1285644223688_1307610019_31624499_8142025_n This is Amanda Schaffner. I find her to be the Constant in my life. She’s always good for a laugh, someone to talk with, hanging out. . . really just whatever I need. She’s a Bio major, and  is athletic and beautiful and fun to be with. I started the year out going to CCF and she started out at Campus Crusade (CRU), but now we both go to both. :) I love her SO much and I’m looking forward to having 3 more years around here.



It is quite natural to follow Amanda with this young lady, Shandra Sheaffer. They are rarely seen apart, and I suspect that Shandra spends over 90% of her time in Amanda’s room. She is undoubtedly the Princess in this tale. What a sweetheart! We have a lot of fun watching her in the many boy-chasing escapades she gets into. I can’t wait to see which of these guys she actually ends up with. :) Shandra is a Linguistics major, and just enjoys life and the fact that she’s a girl. She comes to CCF and CRU as well, and lights up everything with her cute comments. You should have seen her trying to give Liz a makeover last weekend. It was a sight. ;)


17570_1237990392314_1305870389_30902924_5823066_nHere we have Katherine Kennison. She is the Twin, or so we’ve been told. Apparently, if we’re both wearing our glasses, we look quite similar. I am about 3 or 4 inches taller, and she has red hair, but those are just small details in the grand scheme of things. Katherine is Amanda’s best friend from back home, and just transferred here this spring semester. She and I have connected really well, and enjoy working out together. I’m looking forward to getting to know her a lot better in the coming years!


11863_106099649403752_100000111530798_152314_4907661_n Isn’t she gorgeous? This is my friend, Audrey Adams. She takes the role of Spiritual Partner here at school. We met early on at a CCF event, and have enjoyed spending one-on-one time together every since. She’s also a nursing major, so we talk about that sometimes. . . but more importantly, she’s someone who I’ve found I can be completely open with about all things faith-related. What a blessing she is to me!


10721_1249837048496_1306560050_30760655_2976022_n This is Blair Ballard aka The Best Roommate in the World. She quite literally rocks my socks. She was gone all last semester due to an unfortunate accident, but she has moved back into our room on the fourth floor this semester, and I couldn’t be happier to have her here. We don’t hang out much outside the room, but in the room it’s never tense or uncomfortable. She is understanding, and lovable and we mother each other a whole lot.


17239_257441497708_707207708_3472504_6172635_n If you know me personally, you might be confused about the fact that I have not yet featured any guys friends. In high school, I seemed to spend most of my time around guys, and trust me, coming to college and developing mostly girl relationships has been weird! A good weird, but still weird. However, there are a few guys who hang around every once in a while, and here they are all together. This picture is pretty accurate depiction of these kids and how I see them (okay, not the shirtless part) – ridiculous! From L to R, we have Greg, Alexander, Joey, and Joseph. They are all CRU guys, and each one of them unique and fun-loving. They aren’t like the guys I’m used to (engineers), but I still have greatly enjoyed spending many early mornings(8:00 am breakfasts in Ryle) and late nights(when they drag me out of bed at 10:30 or 11:00 pm to watch a movie) with them. :) They keep me from being lame, and provide me with people to mother and make food for. A win-win situation.

So there you go! Those are the people who have blessed my life these months at Truman, and helped me make a home away from home for myself. I love them all, and feel like my heart has expanded greatly to make room for them among the many friends that I still cherish from back home.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The College Life: A Tale of Poor Decisions and Great Fun

This is sun. In Kirksville. In the winter! It's really a miracle. And, on a Sunday afternoon, there is no way a group of crazy college kids wouldn't take advantage of such a miracle. The idea to play ultimate frisbee was had. So we did.

This sun was very deceptive though. . .

Because (although you see Alexander wearing shorts here),
it was a cold, cold, cold day. Very cold.

Liz and Shandra were ready! Which lasted about 5 minutes.

I was official photographer and guardian of the stuff.
Cell phones, ID cards, and keys are the staples of a college student.
Unfortunately, this official photographer discovered that
her hands stayed much warmer inside her pockets.
So there aren't many action shots. :)

Yes. Yes, he is wet and muddy. Fun, huh?

This is Jason. Poor guy - he was so close!

Jason after the fact.

So yes. This is how we, as college students in Kirksville, spend our January afternoons. As they say, "Make hay while they sun shines (even if it's still freezing cold)."

Oh Dear.

As I faithfully check my blogger "dashboard" each day, I find myself often disappointed that there are no new blog posts by any of the bloggers that I follow.

Then, I pause and recall my own negligence of blogging. And I sigh deeply, then get started on homework.

Consider this formal apology, for not keeping up with things. I said a few weeks ago that I would, and have (as is typical with me) failed miserably at that. I'm not going to make another promise of the like. . . but I will try harder. I just need to pick one night a week that I devote to blogging. Maybe Tuesday nights would be good. Yeah. . . I think we can to this.

So for the rest of this semester, I do believe my blog will be transformed into a "Tuesday Blog."


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Love - Jeremy Horn

Although I am changing, You’re unchangeable, oh God
You will be my first love, be my first love
And for all the changes that You lead me through, oh God
You will be my first love, be my first love

Every morning when the sun comes up
And every evening when the day is done
You will be my first love, be my first love
Even when You fill my heart’s desires
Even when You are consuming fire
You will be my first love, be my first love

Although I am shaken, You’re unshakable, oh God
You will be my first love, be my first love
So let my idols crumble, You’re unshakable, oh God
You will be my first love, be my first love

May every day and every way I live bring glory to You Lord.
Be my first love

Christmas in Georgia

Q: What do you get when you combine 2 large families and 2 grandparents, a small farm house in Georgia, a horse, and countless small motorized vehicles?

A: 21 people and a heck of a good time!

This was our Christmas adventure for the year. Our family road tripped down to Georgia on December 22nd, in two vehicles, and were able to spend 5 days reconnecting with our family and having a splendid time all around. Thank you, Dave Halls, for hosting us for so long! Here are some pictures of our fun:

Small cousin fun - make believe!

Ever heard of the Red-Green Show?
These goons got videos of them for Christmas, hence the costumes.

Andy was excited about Christmas.

This is Annie. She is a life-saver, folks. You see, although Annie is 21, she is the only cousin on both sides who has ever been "my" cousin. Besides being "my" cousin, she is just a fantastic girl - SO much fun, and also a very godly example to all the little kiddos running around, and to me. I love you girl! Thanks for a great Christmas together!

My darling grandparents. They truly are wonderful, and I SO enjoyed my time with them! Aren't they precious? We even got to have "story time" one night, when they told funny stories about their high school years.

Best. Reaction. To. A. Christmas. Gift. Ever.
Grandpa and Grandma got Isaac this musket for Christmas.
Needless to say, boy + gun = ecstatic!

Beautiful girls! This is Eva, and my sister Abby.

Silly girls. :)

They decided to drive the go-kart in the mud. Go figure.

Little girls getting in on the action!

Talking time - always gotta have that!

More play-time

Pie Making! Grandma is a kitchen queen, and I think she loves watching her granddaughters go crazy in the kitchen. Eva and I had fun with that!

So there you go! That was our Christmas holiday this year.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blogging Woes

I know, I know - I am fearfully behind on my blogging these days, and this break served to make me feel all the more guilty about it. I had at least 3 or 4 people tell me how much they love to keep up with me on my blog when I'm away at college! So, with this new knowledge of my impressive popularity (especially among the home school mom population, some of my all time favorite people), I am going to strive for more regular posts.

Starting tomorrow (which, as I'm sure you're aware, is always the best time to start anything, most especially diets).

(Un)faithfully yours,