Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in Georgia

Q: What do you get when you combine 2 large families and 2 grandparents, a small farm house in Georgia, a horse, and countless small motorized vehicles?

A: 21 people and a heck of a good time!

This was our Christmas adventure for the year. Our family road tripped down to Georgia on December 22nd, in two vehicles, and were able to spend 5 days reconnecting with our family and having a splendid time all around. Thank you, Dave Halls, for hosting us for so long! Here are some pictures of our fun:

Small cousin fun - make believe!

Ever heard of the Red-Green Show?
These goons got videos of them for Christmas, hence the costumes.

Andy was excited about Christmas.

This is Annie. She is a life-saver, folks. You see, although Annie is 21, she is the only cousin on both sides who has ever been "my" cousin. Besides being "my" cousin, she is just a fantastic girl - SO much fun, and also a very godly example to all the little kiddos running around, and to me. I love you girl! Thanks for a great Christmas together!

My darling grandparents. They truly are wonderful, and I SO enjoyed my time with them! Aren't they precious? We even got to have "story time" one night, when they told funny stories about their high school years.

Best. Reaction. To. A. Christmas. Gift. Ever.
Grandpa and Grandma got Isaac this musket for Christmas.
Needless to say, boy + gun = ecstatic!

Beautiful girls! This is Eva, and my sister Abby.

Silly girls. :)

They decided to drive the go-kart in the mud. Go figure.

Little girls getting in on the action!

Talking time - always gotta have that!

More play-time

Pie Making! Grandma is a kitchen queen, and I think she loves watching her granddaughters go crazy in the kitchen. Eva and I had fun with that!

So there you go! That was our Christmas holiday this year.

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annie hall said...

"small farmhouse in georgia"?? hahahaha...

I love the picture of Elisabeth and Sophia on Elias' scooter... too cute!

Love you! :)