Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The College Life: A Tale of Poor Decisions and Great Fun

This is sun. In Kirksville. In the winter! It's really a miracle. And, on a Sunday afternoon, there is no way a group of crazy college kids wouldn't take advantage of such a miracle. The idea to play ultimate frisbee was had. So we did.

This sun was very deceptive though. . .

Because (although you see Alexander wearing shorts here),
it was a cold, cold, cold day. Very cold.

Liz and Shandra were ready! Which lasted about 5 minutes.

I was official photographer and guardian of the stuff.
Cell phones, ID cards, and keys are the staples of a college student.
Unfortunately, this official photographer discovered that
her hands stayed much warmer inside her pockets.
So there aren't many action shots. :)

Yes. Yes, he is wet and muddy. Fun, huh?

This is Jason. Poor guy - he was so close!

Jason after the fact.

So yes. This is how we, as college students in Kirksville, spend our January afternoons. As they say, "Make hay while they sun shines (even if it's still freezing cold)."

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