Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh Give Thanks!

Ah, Thanksgiving Day at last
When we mere mortals break our fast
And all of us, both great and least,
Sit down before a bountiful feast!

We lift our prayers to God on high,
Then stuff ourselves with pumpkin pie
Cranberry sauce and candied yams,
Homemade rolls and turkey hams
Taters mashed and giblet gravy
Beans of green, and stringed, and navy
Turkey breast and cornbread dressing
All get munched after the blessing.
Until it comes out of our ears,
Our noses, our pores, and then through our tears!

We eat a lot, and then some more
While keeping one foot on the floor
We eat until we're all done in
And then sit down and start again

Thanksgiving Day, ah what a treat!
To eat, and eat, and eat. . . and eat.

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ally said...


I hope you have the FUNNEST year ever! Find your fun in the Lord!