Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Quick thought:
Prayer is crazy. If I were God, I probably would have called it quits after sacrificing the life of my only son for people who didn't have any idea what was going on, and often don't even appreciate it when it when they do hear about it. But then, he goes another step. . . not only does he redeem us so that we can live in heaven with him forever, but he also says, "Hey guys, I want you to have a chance to know me here on earth too! Let's get started on this relationship now, so that this time we have apart, before eternity, will be awesome too!"

Whaa??! God wants to take time to get to know me and really wants to just spend time with me? As if justifying me from my sins wasn't enough. . .

Prayers flying today.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Becky!

That's a great thought. Thanks for sharing, that is encouraging!

Your sister in Christ,