Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who Am I?

I, Rebekah Grace Hall am. . .

-a child of God, His beloved daughter.
-big sister, little sister, and daughter
-a peacemaker, good at listening to friends who are struggling
-supportive of those I love (this might not apply to baseball)
-intelligent (my brains come from my dad - Mum still has all of hers)
-funny (see above)
-one who loves to talk through things, even hard issues, especially religious/theological, relational, and social issues. Political, not so much.
-a lover of calming music
-a big fan of mountains, pine trees, and hiking
-in love with Jesus, even when I feel like He's dropped me off in a desert and left me there alone (because I know, somewhere deep down, that He hasn't)
-more inclined towards a few close friendships than many surface friendships
-an outdoors adventurer
-a reader
-a writer
-finding comfort in the Psalms these days
-wanting what God wants for me, even when it hurts
-in love with my family. Each one of my siblings is special to me in a different way, and I love the completeness I feel when I'm at home with all of them and Dad and Mum.
-a fan of dried fruit
-burdened for those who hurt like I do
-strong in communication skills
-weak in . . . well, many areas. Emotionally, and at managing the many feelings I have. Finding my value in who God says I am, not in what other people think.
-often insecure about my weight, appearance, etc.
-a big fan of bare feet
-compassionate and kind
-attentive to the needs of others
-hard-working, especially when I know it pleases others (also a weakness . . . I'm not as self-disciplined, in areas that wouldn't impact other people positively)
-not given to anger or rash decisions
-critical thinker
-often bossy, and disrespectful to my family (both stemming from thinking more highly of myself and what I do than I should)
-an appreciative listener of piano and guitar playing
-still a little girl in many ways, but old beyond my years in other ways
-changed, from who I was last year
-grateful for Christ's sacrifice on the cross
-one who has dealt with the pain of loss and change a lot recently, especially in friendships. . . I know it's natural, but it aches to lose the closeness of relationships
-whatever the opposite of rebellious is (compliant?)
-thankful for her parents, because who they are has helped me form so much of who I am, especially in my faith
-undisciplined in many areas
-a good cook
-a bad seamstress
-one of those weird people who get satisfaction from cleaning house
-meticulous, good at paying attention to detail
-redeemed by Christ

Who are you?


ashley eldredge said...

You left "Beautiful" off the list =)

Mark said...

I second beautiful.


I'm particularly thankful that you're. . .
A fan of mountains and hiking
In love with Jesus
And outdoors adventurer
A writer
Strong in communications skills
My friend.

I mean, all the others too, just these especially.