Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Long Time, No See, eh?

Oh hi. Wow, I was reading through old blog posts of mine the other day and my glory days of blogging have definitely long passed me by. However, I will strive to provide a brief and entertaining synopsis of my adventures, going-ons, etc.

Last semester - Got more into nursing stuff, worked hard in some very challenging classes, and pushed through till the end. Some highlights were:
  • making TONS of quality new friends, including one who has been more encouragement in my life than I thought possible;
  • getting good grades and 3 nursing department scholarships for next school year;
  • deciding to room with DANI STEELE next school year (Guys. Meet her. You will understand my overwhelming excitement);
  • growing deeper in relationship with a godly older lady in Kirksville who has shown me what a faithful Christian and prayer warrior looks like;
  • adventuring around Kirksville;
  • taking 3 weeks away from a special person in my life in order to gain clearer perspective on life and relationships - I learned a lot and came to a much greater appreciation of the things I love;
  • and just overall starting to genuinely enjoy living at school.
Abby visited for a week! That was cool too.

This summer started off with a perfectly wonderful week of hanging out with my family and this cool guy I know. Then he shipped off to Kansas City (well, Olathe, KS actually) to work all summer, and I have been here in Rolla since. So far, I have;
  • Trying and failing to connect successfully with the CNA instructor so that I can get mah li'l self certee-fiable (take care of the elderly and assist nurses and such and such);
  • bathed old people;
  • bathed small children;
  • acquired a bunny, a whole lot of crap (literally), and a daily job of mopping (oh - and he's super cute and I love him a lot);
  • cleaned many inches of the Quakkelaars' house;
  • spent a long weekend with Gracie and Zeko;
  • played tons of random games, etc. etc. with the kiddos at this here house where I live;
  • gone ridding several times;
  • attended weddings (none of my own);
  • taken a plethora of naps;
  • skyped some of my super cool friend from St. Louis and KC;
  • spent some time with friends from Rolla;
  • gone walking with Mrs. Hickle;
  • and begun the planning of a baby shower.
I'm now working out at Camp David for the next two weeks, which is (as always) an adventure! (a good one)

I miss blogging! I need to do it more often, that's for sure. Hope you all are having a beautiful summer and soaking up the rain and sunshine and goodness of God.

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