Monday, March 19, 2012


Could it be that weakness is my ultimate goal?

I see it as such an embarrassment, so painful, so hard to endure. And yet, II Corinthians 11 and 12 tell us that in our weakness, God's grace and power are seen the best. Isn't that what we want - God's glory?

If I must boast then, I will boast in my weakness.
I will boast in the fact that each night, I have to run to the Savior's arms because otherwise, sobbing overtakes me.
I will boast that I can't find the desire to live beyond today, because my sweet Lord gives me the will to live today for Him.
I will boast that I have disappointed someone who loved me deeply, because I know that God's grace is sufficient for me and His love will never, ever run out or change.
I will boast that I can't get a 4.0, because God has given me the strength to pull through some classes with B's.
I will boast that I tend to depend on loved ones too much, because God has taken that dependence and used it to show me how much I need Him.
I will boast that I don't know at all what my future holds, because that means God can do whatever He wants with it.

So much boasting. And yet, so much that the world (and even the Body of Christ) tells me I should be ashamed of.

Not tonight. Tonight, I boast that I have been wooed and won by the ultimate Lover. I am weak - then He is strong.


Kim Nisbett said...

You are deeply loved, and I am very blessed by the beautiful, thoughtful, caring, godly young lady you are. I'm honored to know you, and appreciate your lovely soul. Thank you for being honest. That is one thing that God places great value in, and pretending to be someone other than who we really are is a form of deceit. You are very, very precious!!!

Rachel S. said...

I don't get on your blog very often... but every time I do, I am blessed. Thank you for your honest, real-life posts. I appreciate your sweet, Christian example! God bless!