Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heart Transplant

I watched an episode of House, M.D. tonight that involved a patient who needed a heart transplant. Dr. House decided to lie about her psychological problems so that the transplant committee wouldn't exclude her from the transplant list. She got the transplant and promised to get treatment for bulimia.

As the episode wrapped up, I found myself thinking about people who get transplants. My general attitude toward these individuals is that they have a responsibility to take care of their bodies. The idea of someone going back to past bad habits and re-injuring themselves makes me feel sick - especially when I know how many deserving people don't get the transplants they need.

Enter conscience. Don't I claim that I've had a heart transplant of my own? A spiritual one, anyway. So how do I take care of my spiritual self? What does my "diet" look like? Have I kicked the bad habits that lead me to need the transplant?

Well. That gives me a whole lot to think about tonight.

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