Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ashley

This was the birthday cake that Alida and I made for youth group in honor of our friend Ashley's 17th birthday. Unfortunately, she was sick and didn't make it to youth group! So, as you can watch in the video below, we sang to her and blew out the candles anyways. Happy Birthday Ashley!


animalover said...

ok, that's funny- I've never done that before.. but hey! I guess the new thing is to no longer invite people to their b-day parties!1 lol jk I know she was sick.. :)

Thy little handmaiden said...

Hey Becky,
Matthew told me that you wanted to get on my blog. Can I have your email address? I'm pretty sure that's the only way that I can let you see my blog because I only let invited readers on my blog. I loved your blog and enjoyed the pix. The one with the sunset was gorgeous! :D
Haha, Ashley let Clara and I see the video of you guys all singing Happy Birthday to her. I feel badly that you worked so hard to surprise her and then she never even came, but I must say that it's a good thing to laugh at now. :D
I'll be waiting to get your email address. I'm sorry to say though that I can't have you email it to me, my computer was zapped by lightening and the only thing I can do on it now is post and comment on blogs. so if you don't feel nervous about putting your email on here so I can have it that'd be great! If not, you can give it to Ashley or I can get it from her. :D
God Bless!
Alyssa Jean