Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Parade . . . ish

Last night, the kids participated in a Christmas Parade in the city (town, village?) of Sullivan. They are in a home-school band there, and have quite enjoyed learning new instruments. Here are some photos which I stole from our dear friends the Nisbetts, without permission. They know where I live, and are more than welcome to come over and reprimand me for it. :) Mark, Nathan, Sarah, and Rachel Hickle, Me, Abby, Zeke and Isaac, all drove up together early so that the kids could line-up (Sarah and Rachel are also in the band). Our parents came together and arrived as the parade was actually starting. The kids did great, considering how cold it was!

Here are the younger kiddos, dressed as Snowmen, and riding on the float. Nathanael Nisbett, Isaac, and Anna Nisbett. Isaac was overjoyed to be able to participate, great thanks to Mrs. Kay.
The lovely Hickle girls, Rachel and Sarah.

Abby, very indignant that the picture has been taken, but still excellent on her trumpet. I am so proud of her, and how far she has come since they started several months ago!

Zeke on the bass drum (far right). An outside instrument if I ever heard one. An outside instrument which is currently residing inside our home.

Mark and I, shortly before we decided the car was much warmer.
(How is it that I look so much colder than he does?)
Nathan was also with us, but was. . .otherwise detained. . . at this exact moment. ;)


Mark said...

Maybe you look colder because your jacket isn't zipped up. Because you wouldn't zip it up. Gosh.

Anonymous said...

lol* yeah Becky!!!

Becky said...

Maybe. . . just maybe. Gosh