Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh the Woe!

Oh the Woe of being sick!
The feeling that surely, surely
Your stomach really would feel better
If it were not on the inside.

Oh the Woe of being sick!
The knowledge that truly, truly
Your head will not blow into as many pieces
As it is currently threatening to.

Oh the Woe of being sick!
The moaning, and groaning,
And hacking, and coughing.
The clearing of throats, and the blowing of noses,
Which echoes across the sanctuary
So early each Sunday morning.

But oh the Woe of being sick,
Which is so easily forgotten!
By the sipping of Seven-Up,
The nibbling of Saltine crackers,
And the coziness of sleeping in the afternoon.

The company of fellow sick ones,
Who are oh so eager to play games,
To cuddle,
And to bring the sick bucket when needed.

The End.

When I go to college, I most certainly am going to pack a "sick basket."
It will contain the following:
a 2 liter bottle of 7-up
a box of Saltines
several tea bags
an old, 1-gallon, plastic ice cream tub
a letter from Mom
several Tums (simply to remind me of my family, who believes that Tums are the answer to everything)
a deck of cards
a sleeping bag and pillow (so that I can sleep on the bathroom floor)

Rebekah Grace,
your slightly goofy,
and mostly feeling healthy again


Ashley said...

This really made me smile. Thanks, Dearie!

Thy little handmaiden said...

that's not fair! Ashley comments on your blog, but never mine!! (Complaining in a child like manner)
lol! That was great Becky. :D Blessings to you in the Christmas season. :D