Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camp David

As many of you are aware, I've been working out at Camp David for the past few weeks. The last week in May was staff training week, and then the past two weeks have been actual weeks of camp - Sr. Girls Week, and Sr. Boys Week, both for kids ages 13-16. I'm the Camp Secretary, and do pretty much anything and everything in the office at camp. Aside from the typical office work that you'd expect, I also get to put together a scrapbook for each of the campers every week - 6 pages of photos of them, from the week of camp. It's a very challenging task, but I've had some great photographers to work with, which helps make my job easier! I really do enjoy it, although it exhausts me to work a full day, then come home and have all the usual things our family does going on too!

This past week, I had a helper in the office, which was terrific! She'll be helping every other week (she's a counselor on the weeks that she isn't helping me), so I am definitely looking forward to having her back. :) Here are just a few photos of the going-ons out at camp. Now, I spend almost all my time in the office, so I don't actually get to experience any of these things. However, becuase I'm doing the scrapbooks, I get to see countless photographs of everything that goes on! Which is nearly as fun. ;)

Group Shot from Sr. Girls' Week

One of the things the girls do during the week at camp are "Life Skills Classes" - babysitting, sewing, or cooking. Mum, Abby, Mrs. Hickle, and Sarah all came out three afternoons that week to help the girls, and they actually completed several projects! The girls raved about the sewing class - it's really important for them to have that feeling of accomplishment.
The sewing class with the quilt they completed!

Group Shot, Sr. Boys Week
My favorite thing about Sr. Boys week was getting to see pictures of Andy having a good time. :) Several weeks back, Grace told me that they were still looking for counselors for this week. I suggested that Andy might be able to, and it worked out that he was! He did a great job - his campers really liked him, and for a typically reserved guy, he can get pretty crazy. Here he is at pool time. . .

Dani and I decided that this guy looked like the kid from Holes. And the lizard thing just completes the picture. I pretty much fell in love with this photo.

Because I'm in the office, I have very little contact with any of the campers, counselors, or most of the staff people. However, there are a few people who spend more time there than others, so I'll introduce you to some of them. Today's lucky pick: Sissy!

"Sissy" is the camp nurse. Her real name is Elizabeth Marchbank, and she is the sweetest young lady. She did the scrapbooks last year, so we have a lot of fun comparing notes about that. She also ocassionally has things to do on the computer, and sits and keeps me company. Sissy has a lot of spunk, and a huge heart for the kids that come to camp, and the ministry of Camp David.
This Sr. Boys week, Sissy got to join in the archery lesson. I thought this picture was darling, although she informed me it was terrible form. ;)
Here she is all dolled up for the Princess Dinner - so beautiful!

I'll cover some other people in future posts. Please keep the camp in your prayers - we have four weeks left, all Junior weeks (ages 8-12). Pray for the counselors, and the campers, as well as all the staff, especially Ben and Grace. It's a fantastic ministry to be a part of, and I am so blessed to get to work with them! Thank you God for this opportunity!

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