Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Camera

So, I just realized several days ago that my blog posts from here on out are going to be terribly boring - namely, because I do not have my own camera. I'm definitely going to invest in one soon however. So many things happen around here that require documentation - things like a group of girls from my hall doing an aerobics video together in the lounge, guys making little paper crowns to decorate their room doors, our kitchen fridge covered with magnets, etc. And of course, the mandatory 17-18 photos of my desk, my bed, my roomie's desk, her bed, my dresser, my window, my towel rack, etc. - you know, all those parts of my dorm room that look exactly like every other dorm room at every other college in America. Memories I'll want to have from college.

But a decision must be made. Do I spend the extra money and get a good camera, and then invest my time (maybe even take a class, since there are two offered here) into learning how to use it well? Or, do I buy a small camera that doesn't require any extra time on my part, and that I know I will use on a regular basis? I'm so torn - and I want a camera soon, before the memories are lost forever.



sonja said...

If you get a big nice WILL look like a tourist everywhere you beware of that!

Hall Family said...

Get the cheap one


Mark said...


Abby said...

I'm voting for the nice camera, mainly because I just want to see you spend that much money on one thing.=) Never seen that before.;)