Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I was blessed to be able to catch a ride back home to Rolla for Labor Day weekend (thank you SO much Sam!). We met up with my family in Jefferson City, and I hopped in the minivan to head over to Camdenton, where I got to see the Rolla Royals’ first volleyball game! Here’s Abby, my favorite player.100_5915And the whole team, with Coach Sarah, after the game. 100_5929

The girls have come such a long way from the first years of our team – it’s great to watch them play!

Then Saturday, we had a BBQ with a few friends – and with homeschoolers, a “few” friends always turns out to be around 50 people. What a great time, though! I have found that it matters very little to me just what we do when friends come over – I just so love being around them. Here are the lovely mothers – each of these ladies has been such a wonderful role model for me, and it was so nice to see them again. 100_5936

Of course, volleyball was played. Thanks Dad, for fixing the net. You know, it wasn’t long ago that I was incredible uncomfortable playing volleyball. Now, I guess I just enjoy my friends so much, I’ll do anything for them. :) That, and I’ve gotten used to everyone laughing at me.100_5937

Cute girls! Oh, I miss kids so much! College students aren’t nearly as interesting.100_5938

Ashley, enjoying a turn with the Quakkelaar’s new baby. So adorable! Us older girls were discussing that holding small babies was rather dangerous for us nearly-adult aged young ladies. :) Too tempting.100_5939

And here, we have the largest poker game/fullest living room award! What a great group of people to spend time with – Thank you, Lord, for fantastic friends. 100_5941


Abby said...

Did you really have to put that picture of me on there?


ashley said...

Wow, that living room picture is pretty amazing! Fun times... thank you for posting, sis.