Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Oh Hi.
So, school has started slowly. Not a whole lot to do. But, the good news is, that Netflix is G-R-E-A-T! And, I've been catching up on a whole 18 years of not watching TV. Let me give you a look at what entertains me these days:

I must confess that this is my favorite show.
The names, pineapples, magic head. . . how can you go wrong?

Also a great show. More intense and intellectual than Psych,
and the tie to psychology intrigues me to no end. And British
accents are my fav.

OCD is a serious condition. I am really not a fan of mocking
serious conditions. But this show. . . you've just got to watch
it. If you've ever had any kind of a aversion to germs, or know
anyone who has, you will get a real kick out of it. :)

So yes - these keep me pretty busy! What shows do you like?

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Jenny Riefer said...

I LOVE PSYCH!!! I know, the names are hilarious. I love it how Sean always changes Gus's name every time he introduces them! Funny show.=) I love Netflix.<3 lol