Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Work, and other News

I'm currently sitting at my desk at my place of employment here on campus. The Student Health Center keeps me busy - just 4 hours a week, to pay for my university scholarships, so it's not too much. I mostly just answer the phone, schedule appointments, prepare charts, file charts, etc. On Wednesdays, I stay by the phone during the staff meeting. The phone isn't ringing at the moment, so I'm free to blog!

School is going well. We had two snow days last week because of the blizzard that blew through our lovely little town. I went out one evening with a group of people, and fell into all kinds of huge drifts - it was wondrous. I decided that it displayed God's handiwork in a similar way that a Tornado does. . . not so much the way a cute little puppy does. :) This week, I have two tests, which I started the long process of studying for on Monday. They shouldn't be too hard, but you can't ever be too prepared, right?

Other than that, I'm not doing too much these days. CCF is still a major part of my life - two weekly services, a small group, and being discipled by an older girl. That has been really great - the wisdom and perspective of other people can be so helpful for day-to-day life! I've also been making new friends with some of the girls my age who are in CCF. I love making new friends who share my love for the Lord!

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ashley eldredge said...

So glad to hear you are still enjoying CCF so much! What a blessing :-)
Love you much... see you pretty soon!!