Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shoes, Friends, and Other News

Things I'm excited about today:
being home in 24 hours
riding horses on Saturday
having friends from school meet my family
good friendships
sitting on the roof at the CCF house
getting some extra hours of work done
spring weather (even rain - as long as it stays warm!)
the song Sweet Home Alabama

I've been on a shoe hunt. I need summer sandals that are church-okay and sufficiently casual. If you know me, you know that heels are out of the question. Thankfully, cute, flat sandals are currently in style! Here are some cute options I've found - opinions are welcome!

1. from Target 2. also from Target 3. found at Famous Footwear (free shipping and 15% thru April 23rd!) 4. another Famous Footwear selection
5. found at good old Payless Shoes Source (idk if I could pull these ones off, but they are CUTE!) I've also been wanting these next two, but probably won't get them. One, because I can't stand spending much money at all on shoes. Two, because I really don't need them. And three, because both are pretty fad, brand-name type shoes, and I usually veer away from that type of thing style wise. :) But here they are:
TOMS! Terrible photo, but I love these so, so, so much!

I have also been on a mission looking for men's shoes, for a certain someone who has holes in the bottom of the only shoes he wears. Ahem. This is not nearly as easy (shopping for boys never is), but I have some decent options so far.
All from Payless:

Not sure I could handle these ones - I think Zeke has the same exact pair. :)
Here's another color variation, similar shoe:

And if he refuses everything else, this is my last ditch option:
Also, if you took that seriously because you own shoes like this . . . well, I hope you are a grandpa. If you aren't, then we should talk. Call me. Please.

Thank you for letting me share my heart with you today. :)


career2homeschoolmom said...

My husband and sister-in-law both love their Chacos. They are expensive, but they will last for years and years! I know when you are young that may not sound too appealing, but when you are old like us, it's a pretty cool deal.

Zeke said...

Yup, those exact pair.

Abby said...

I like the blue/teal/whatever ones the best.=) Big surprise.;)

annie hall said...

My personal faves (of the sandals) are #2 and #4... but they're all super cute! Btw - if you're not super picky about the pattern and stuff, you might want to check out ebay for Chacos... I got mine for $30, and they were still practically new!