Sunday, September 7, 2008

Holy Ghost with Light Divine

Let's face it - Lutheran hymns can be downright boring. Often, I feel that the truths found in the lyrics are smothered and artfully disguised by the archaic music that accompanies them. However, there are times in church when the words somehow slip past the notes and I can appreciate them as they were meant. This particular song uses many thees and thous, and may be a challenge to understand for you 21st century singers. I have included below, in italics, my own words for each verse. It's truly a moving prayer to God.

Holy Ghost, with light divine, shine upon this heart of mine;
Chase the shade of night away, turn my darkness into day.
Holy Spirit, may your eternal light shine upon my sinful heart,
and chase away its darkness, transforming me into something new.

Let me see my Savior’s face, let me all His beauties trace;
Show those glorious truths to me, which are only known to Thee.
May I see Jesus' face, and ever marvel at his holy characteristics.
The truth of who he is goes far beyond what I can comprehend,
but I ask that you show me, Lord God.

Holy Ghost, with joy divine, cheer this saddened heart of mine;
Bid my many woes depart, heal my wounded, bleeding heart.
I ask for the joy of the Holy Spirit to enter my heart;
a heart filled with sorrow,
worn and wounded with the many cares of this world.
Renew in me the joy that comes only from knowing you.

Holy Spirit, all divine, dwell within this heart of mine;
Cast down every idol throne, reign supreme, and reign alone.
Consume every part of me -- live in my heart.
Get rid of all those things that hinder my love of you,
and give me the grace to have you be my only desire.

See, to Thee I yield my heart, shed Thy life through every part;
A pure temple I would be, wholly dedicate to Thee.
Look Lord -- I've given you my all.
Take it, and fill my emptiness with your ways.
May I being entirely devoted to you.


Anonymous said...

i wish we could keep the words and write new music!!!


robert said...

Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. I disagree with your first two sentences. I believe most folks have the intelligence to learn to appreciate our traditional hymnody, if they will take some time at it.

As to your comments, stanza by stanza, on Andrew Reed's hymn, well done. If you were to add some appropriate Scriptures to each point, it could become a subject of discussion for an adult Sunday School class, or Bible study group. Then, they'd be armed with better understanding, to sing the hymn. :-) God bless.