Sunday, September 28, 2008


The RHAA Varsity Volleyball team has been doing an amazing job this year! They have played well in all their games, but the two they played against the Springfield Knights in the Lebanon Tournament several weekends ago really stood out. As the ref put it, "This is real high school volleyball right here." The lady who was keeping score with me and I agreed. . . there were some absolutely fantastic plays throughout the game, rocket serves, and some great blocks and spikes all around. We ended up splitting games, winning one and losing one, the scores being 25-23, then 23-25. Great job ladies, and keep up the great work! And a special thanks to Coach Sarah, who is doing a wonderful job with them. To briefly introduce you to the team:

3. Sarah Hazell, setter. She goes for the ball where ever it happens to end up, rarely missing the second hit and providing amusment (and sometimes worry) for all who watch! Her serves have been just amazing, and she's had several great serving streaks.
6. Elise Hamacher, outside hitter. This is her first year of volleyball, but she is doing great and has more energy than anyone out there.
9. Alida Hazell, outside hitter. Although she was an amazing setter in past years, this season has shown us her spiking abilities as well. For a little person, she has a mean spike!
11. Abby Hall, outside hitter turned middle hitter. She is the encourager of the team, and is great at getting it up high so everyone has time to get in place. My personal favorite to cheer for too. ;)
14. Rebekah Applegate, middle hitter. Again, strong spiker and server, also great on the blocks.
19. Renee Pettijohn, outisde hitter. An intimidating spiker and server whose determination can be seen from the stands.
21. Ashley Riefer, outside hitter. Awesome at those controlled bumps to the setter and a very consistent server.
25. Grace Caudill, setter. A spectacular setter, gets under the ball like no other and packs a pretty mean serve too!
72. Faith Wegner, setter. Consistent server, good setter, and can spike as well as anyone else when given the chance!
78. Marty Collins, middle hitter. As the tallest on the team, Marty has an awesome spike, and does a great job blocking as well.

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