Monday, June 24, 2013


Where am I going next?
It's a good question for right now, especially while I'm in the process of navigating the mental gynmasitcs of job hunting, interviewing, applying, etc. I find myself using all those classic words from grade school - what, where, when, why, how. . . Today, the where is on my mind. Home is something I hold in high regard - I long to know where that will be so that I can start dreaming and planning and making connections. I want to go - even if the job is mundane and the town/city is a snooze. I'm ready for adventure in life and moving will certainly be that.

And so, without knowing the where, I find myself bemoaning life, feeling lost and directionless. "I don't know where I'm going" - it's a scary phrase. Tonight though, I recall that this world is not my home. Those verses in Scripture have always been a comfort to me, especially as I battle dark days on earth and today I am reminded of that comfort. I am going to Heaven. . . and how I get there has also been determined. That is one journey I don't have to worry about. And if that is the most important trip of all. . . and it's already figured out. . . then I have no worries. A great deal of unknown still lingers. As does my Savior. Linger a while longer.

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