Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's Your Last Chance!

Have you and your family made it out to a Royals basketball game yet this season? NO!?! Well then, you'd better get your act in gear, because we only have two regular season home games left!

Friday, February 20th
We will have 3 teams matching up against the Southwest Missouri Eagles, from Springfield. The Junior High boys will be playing at 6 pm. Although we lost quite emphatically when visiting them in Springfield this January, our boys remain hopeful that having home court advantage (as well as an additional month of experience) will help them makecome out on top this time.
The Gold girls' team will play directly following, at around 7 pm. This should be a good match-up, although the girls will be missing starting post player Jenny Williams. Let's hope that the bench will use the opportunity to show us what they've got and come out with a win!
Around 8:15, or whenever the girls' finish up, the Varsity boys will have their turn. The Eagles beat them last time around, but I think that if our cheering section turns out in full force, we may have a chance!
The games will all be played at Rolla Junior High.
JH Boys - 6:00 pm
Gold Girls - 7:00 pm
Varsity Boys - 8:15 pm

I know that this makes for a really late night for families - but I would dare to suggest that once during a whole season won't hurt anyone. . . and I also gently remind you that the support you offer our teams really does make a difference on the court. Plus, the fellowship with other families, and the opportunity to watch some great basketball is well worth the few hours of sleep missed!

Thursday, February 26th
This night we have our Blue girls' team, and Varsity boys taking on the Houston Warriors. We aren't sure what these games will hold for us, as our first game against this team is coming up in Houston this Tuesday. However, last year, our boys were very evenly matched, so expect a good game. Again, the games will be played at Rolla Junior High.
Blue Girls - 6:00 pm
Varsity Boys - 7:15 pm

My personal favorite player on the JH Boys' Team -
he's even wearing my old jersey. ;)
And my favorite from the girls' team -
the pink hair was (thankfully) a one time thing, and you should
not look forward to seeing it on either the 20th or the 26th.
Although I'm sure she will give you something else odd to look at those nights. . . :)

Varsity Boys, the starting 5 players - this is a work in progress.
I haven't yet decided whether I like this, or if I want to try to make a
collage with "action" shots of each of them.
So far, I've just done ones that are close ups -
but, since I am too lazy to bring a camera to the games,
I'm working with what what I've been able to steal -
thanks Mark for bringing your camera!

Sleeping on the job. :)

I really hope you can make it out! Definitely stop over by the score table to see me - I stay busy on these evenings, and don't always get a chance to take a break and greet my friends. I would love to say hi though, so don't slip out without getting my attention! And who knows - I may even recruit you to give me a hand with the score. ;)


Mark said...

I don't think it was sleeping on the job as much as it was dodging the camera on the job. . .

Candi said...

Well Becky....I dont think I'll be able to make it! lol* sorry! hehehaha
Oh, I forgot (okay lost) your email..what was it again?

children of the farm said...

We HAVE to make it to atleast one game before it's all over!! I'll talk to my parents..well, BEG my parents:) lol.

Luv ya<3


Ashley said...

I'm pretty sure Mama and I will bring the kids and come Friday night. Looking forward to it!

Rebekah Grace said...

Hey now Mark, I didn't know that having photos taken of me was part of the job description! ;)
Hope to see you Riefers there! Love you guys,