Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Happy Birthday Mum!

I would write you a poem, but it couldn't even come close to describing all that you mean to me, Dad, and the other kids. It's really a challenge to find words that both describe you, and rhyme - and then I end up saying things I don't actually mean, and not saying all that I really want to. :)

Thanks for your hard work - for your endurance - for your organization and for keeping our lives running smoothly - for taking the time to talk with each of us kids when we need it - for encouraging us in our friendships and teaching us how to work through the tough times - for loving Dad, and being such a wonderful wife to him - for totally beating out Reagan as the "Great Communicator" - for doing all the little things, tirelessly - for always being quick to admit fault and set things straight - for showing us kids what it is like to really reach the needs of others with action - for being sensitive to those around you - for not needing makeup or the latest fashion or trend to look and feel beautiful - for making each of us feel that our own talents are unique and should be developed - for giggling with us - for always being willing to host a crowd of teens or little kids at the house or in the shed, even when we break things :) - for valuing learning, education, and especially reading and for passing that on to all of us - for every chart, table, list, calendar, and schedule you ever wrote on, typed out, or posted on the fridge - for being open to new things - for listening - for being the ultimate sports mom, one who actually knows more about the game than many coaches - for loving games and playing Ticket to Ride ad naseum the past few weeks - for teaching us how to compromise - for maintaining peace in the family even when your own life gets stressful - for being patient with us as we try to help you - for always being available to others, regardless of the circumstances - for loving God with all your heart, soul, and strength . . . and for letting that love overflow to all you meet.

There are so many other things - these are just the ones I thought of off the top of my head. :) We all love you so much Mum! Continue to fight the good fight, to run the good race - I know that your crown in Heaven is going to be a beautiful one. Mostly to match your own beauty, of course. <3>



children of the farm said...

Happy birthday Mrs. Hall!! That's a pretty picture of her!


Amy Q said...

how Sweet! great kids help make a mom great you know! i agree she is pretty special :)