Friday, February 27, 2009

A Nothing day

Today was a Nothing day

I slept in (till 8 at least).

I didn't get showered and dressed until nearly 11.

I only got in my car and drove somewhere 4 times today (and once was an accidental time, which gave Sonja the opportunity to "save the world." Thank you darling.).

I saw only 9 people aside from my family - most of them were kind, loving, and enjoyable to be with. Some were not. Some did not affect or influence my life in any way, shape, or form.

I ate a bowl of ice cream.

I cleaned my room, but shall continue to procrastinate at the task of doing laundry (yes, Alida, the basket of stinking clothes remains in the closet. Would you come over and wash it for me? Tuesday maybe?).

I enjoyed observing Zeke and Mum play a competitive game of Ticket to Ride.I caught up on e-mails and homework (mostly at least).

I scheduled out tomorrow, and very much non-Nothing day.

I contemplated the meaning of life.

I was overjoyed to see Abby take the initiative to clean and vacuum the living rooms and office. Good job, hun!

I resolved to take a nap - I failed.

I suggested that Mum take a nap - she failed (but not for lack of trying).

I talked to Dad on the phone, and spent time wishing he didn't have to be half-way across Missouri today.

I heard about a strange weather forecast. . . surely not snow?

I watched Isaac do gymnastics with the couch pillows - I requested that he not jump directly on the couch springs.

I spent some time researching variations for french braiding - I tried a new one on Abby. I wished she had a little bit longer hair.

I looked at the incomplete pile of returned basketball uniforms - I looked away, leaving them neatly stacked in the living room.

I laughed with Mum about the fact that this day, we were allowed to be sick - it was on the schedule.

I wondered what Andy was up to tonight, and if he ever reads my blog (he doesn't).

I had the brilliant idea that I would perhaps go to sleep before 10 o'clock, as a spectacular end to this Nothing day.

Good night! Hope you have a Nothing day in your future that you can enjoy to it's fullest.

(Photo, compliments of Mark)


sonja said...

Your welcome...that was some AMAZING work by me!!

Was I one of the kind, loving, enjoyable people, or not??

Oh, and yes, surely snow...about 4 inches

Rebekah Grace said...

Yes Miss Sonja, you surely were - except for when you were doing your obligitory, "pretend to be grumpy about Becky being over here" routine . . . although that just makes me laugh. :)
Love you, Becky

sonja said...


sonja said...

just kidding

"Nenette" said...


You guys have Ticket To Ride!

*screams* That is one of my favorite games! Next to Carcassone. Actually, it might top Carcassone.

lol. I am just a little bit goofy today. See you at play practice!