Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Packing List

*Update - I've decided to call this my "Packing List" . . . it's all the things I want to pack into my life before moving. :)

Okay, show of hands: who has heard of a "bucket list?" You know - all those things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." It's a lovely idea (eww, no it isn't! Who likes thinking about death?), but since I have no intention of kicking the bucket anytime soon, I thought I would modify it to fit where I am in life. This is my "What I want to/need to/really ought to do Before I Move Out in August" list. (Yup, still working on the name. . . suggestions are welcome)

I started thinking about this last week, when it came to mind that I have never gone on a backpacking trip with Dad. When we went camping as a family (back in the "pre-6 kids" days), Dad would always talk about how, when we were old enough, he would take us backpacking. Generally, he addressed himself to Andy, but I always envisioned myself tagging along as well. After all, with both Dad and Andy along, I'd hardly have to carry anything! ;) So, now that I am "old enough," it's something I'd really like to do. But I know it won't happen if I don't do it before I leave! So this is at the top of my list. Well actually, second on the list.

But yes, this got me thinking and wondering whether there were any other things I need to try or do before moving! I don't want to have regrets, and always wish I'd done this or that while I was still under my parents' roof. I also imagine there are things every kid should do or learn before they move out . . .

So your job is to give me suggestions!
they can be general, "every kid should do this", kind of things. . .
they can be things that you've always wanted to do with me, that might be hard to manage after I move away . . .
they can be goofy, "oh, I've always wanted to see Becky try to do this! " type of things . . .
they can be fun things that are unique to Rolla, Missouri, or my friends here in Rolla. . .
they can be specific to me (Becky, I really think this is an area of life you need to work on, or a skill you need to learn as a young lady, from your parents, before you move out on your own.).

If it's something terribly personal (such as, "Becky - you need to learn to learn to brush your teeth before you move out, because you have terrible breath!"), or something that should stay a secret (such as, "You definitely need to smash a pie in Colin's face before you move!), then you can e-mail me - Otherwise, go ahead and comment on this list, anytime you think of something new!

Here is what I have so far. . .

2. Backpacking trip with Dad (and Andy if he's available)
3. Take on the Shed as a project - make it a great hang out spot for teens, that Abby and Zeke can use for entertaining through out their high school years. Decorate, and fix it up. . . still working on brainstorming exact ideas.
4. Take an day hike/picnic to Bray's Lake, in the woods behind our house, with a group of teens and/or kids - spend some time exploring and getting lost
5. Visit Elephant Rocks and Johnson's Shut-Ins, possibly with several other home school families (can't you just see the caravan of 15 passenger vans?)
6. Make it to North Dakota (we'll see. . .)
7. Figure out Finances for the coming years, with Mum's help
8. Learn how to do a cartwheel
9. Complete the Growing Kids God's Way parenting video series with Mum and Dad
10. Write a devotion book - Alida
11. Figure out lesson plans for Libeth's schooling next year
12. (These two aren't "musts" - just trips I'd like to take this summer!) Visit Colorado with Andy, to see our good friend Hannah - Go with Andy, Abby, Zeke, and a van-full of teens to St. Paul for a week (road trip!!)
13. Make memorizing Scripture a habit
14. Have a Girls' Shopping Day with Abby
15. Have many, many Gym Nights, Bonfires, Movie Nights (co-ed in the shed!), Volleyball at the Park Nights, etc.
16. Go on a Float trip with family and/or friends
17. Go to the Zoo in St. Louis with friends
18. Finish an Ecuador Scrapbook
19. Go to a concert with Andy, Zephan, Colin, or any other of my musical inspirations
20. Fly a kite successfully (yeah, I've never done this) - Alida and Sonja
21. Read "So Much More" - Candi
22. Complete a game of Monopoly with Zeke - Zeke (go figure)
23. Make and freeze tubs of cookie dough, for my family to use, and to bless others with (Zeke said, "We'll have to ration them. . .")
24. Learn how to drive a stick-shift
25. Shoot a gun (maybe - I haven't decided if I'll actually go through with this one or not)
26. Dissect the fetal pig that I still have left from senior year Anatomy
27. Scientifically determine whether cookie dough ice cream has chunks of plain, or chocolate chip cookie dough in it, preferably with friends
28. Touch a cow - the ante has been upped. I now have to kiss a cow!
29. Have my picture taken with Alida
30. Collect eggs on my own
31. Take a tour of the MS&T campus
32. Watch Napolean Dynamite with Ashley and "the guys"
33. Run out of Gas
34. Get a flat tire

I'll look forward to your ideas, and keep you posted when I accomplish any of this things! (Or maybe I should say if I accomplish any of these things. . . )

Becky Boo

Photo, compliments of Mark


Candi said...

Hi! well here is something you HAVE to do :o) hehehaha. Buy and read 'So Much More' by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin. It is really great, inspiring, and challenging. I recommend it to everyone!! It was written for young ladies, but all women should read it, and men/ guys as well. At the end of the book Mr. Botkin (their dad) gives some advice to all dads. This book was actually used for a mens study group!! So every one will enjoy it, and it will help clear up lotts of questions. Please read!!

alida said...

Well Becky I'm pretty sure you know what my suggestion is!

But that's not why I'm commenting.

I just wanted to let you know that I have the book "So Much More" if you would like to borrow it sometime.

God bless!

Adam Nisbett said...

Great list, but what happened to number 1? Have fun completing the list!

Anonymous said...

I total agree with the pie-smashing in Colin's face. It'll give him something to remember. LOL :) Don't tell him I said that. :)