Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogs, Blogs, They're Everywhere!

Blogging seems to be a growing trend among nearly everyone I know. This idea of sharing one's thoughts and life through writing is certainly not a new one, although having one's writing become available for the world to see might be. :) I'm reading selections from an anthology of women's literature over spring break, and have enjoyed excerpts from many "spiritual diaries" of women of the past. They scratched out their ideas and experiences on parchment, with quill pens - we sit in front of a computer screen, and hit square-ish buttons with our fingers - but either way, the opportunity to share of oneself through writing in such a way is a gift that we ought not squander. So let me give you a little tidbit about some new blogs out there, and those ones that I enjoy reading!

The Lord is my Rock - Abby: I just helped her set this up the other night, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she does with it. It's hard to handle the fact that she is becoming so grown up and independent, but I must realize that she is 14 years old, and quite the young lady. Sigh.

Missouri Halls Love Company! - Mum, for our Family: Although she doesn't update nearly as often as she'd like, this simply proves what a wonderful mother she is, and how hard at work she stays here at home! Her recent post on Button-Holes is just a small window into the wisdom that we get to experience here at home every day. :)

AmandaBeth Online: This is a "fashion" blog that I just love! The author is so refreshing and honest in her writing style, and I love the opportunity to see the latest fashions, without having to weed through indecent photographs, and inappropriate styles. Anytime I see other young women who seem to stand beside me on their views, it is such an encouragement and inspiration!

Strength Through Weakness - Ashley's Blog: My dear friend Ashley - her thoughts, and photos from her life. I mostly just love this blog because of the fact that she is the author. <3

The Straight and Narrow Way - The Riefer Family: Megan mostly updates this, with inspirational quotes, song lyrics, and verses, as well as pictures (sometimes quite humorous ones!) of their family.

Nisbett Family News: I love going to this blog. Whether or not you actually know their family, many of the photos and posts can be appreciated anyways, for their humor, insight, and creativity. They also have links to several other great blogs.

Quakflock - The Quakkelaar Family: This family is truly amazing! While their blog may not be meaningful to you if you don't actually know them, the way they, as a family, serve others is just incredible. I love seeing the pictures they post - very typical of the fun, and craziness, us home school families experience on a day-to-day basis.

Song in My Heart, and Gentlewood Cottage - Rachel Eldredge, and Candace Jacobson, respectively: I can't claim to know either of these ladies very well, but I just love visiting their blogs. They are both such sweet examples of what Godly young wives and mothers should be. Both are delightfully domestic, and reading their posts really inspires me as I look ahead to being in that same position of life someday.

Girly Do's by Jenn: Although this blog has hairstyles primarily designed for younger girls, I've found several different ones that I love to try out on Abby. Libeth is not yet to the stage when she can appreciate cute hairstyles, although she generally does a good job of sitting still when I do want to braid her hair. But Abby is eternally patient, and has a very, very "tough head." The different braid styles on this blog are ones I especially like.

China - Annie Hall: My nearest and dearest cousin (shhh, don't tell the others that you're my favorite!) is in China for 5 months, studying abroad! She has a great sense of humor (don't all Halls?), and I really reading about the challenges and new experiences that she is facing.

Why Hello There - Jenna Light: Jenna is an amazing girl, and I am always thrilled when my dashboard shows that her blog has been updated! Her quirky sense of humor always, always leaves me with a huge smile on my face. This is the blog to go to for a laugh, especially on those days when it seems like nothing could cheer you up. ;)

Last, but certainly not least (and if you are still reading this post, hurray for you!), I have a new blog. The other night, Dad and I set up a new one, titled "The Becky and Dad Show". It shares a bit about the purpose and history of it on the blog itself, but I thought I'd give it a little advertising on here as well. For a long time, Dad and I have really enjoyed talking about, discussing, and (at times) debating the different things we think and believe. Our discussion often get incredibly interesting, and we've always felt that maybe, just maybe, other fathers and daughters (and maybe even just parents and teens in general) could benefit from this open relationship that we have. So, our new blog is an attempt at that. :) I hope you can take a minute to visit it, and keep up to date on our talks. Dad and I were discussing how people hear about, or discover blogs. . . we didn't come up with any brilliant ideas, aside from me posting on my blog. . . idk. This blogging world is certainly an interesting one!

And a random picture, for all you visual people who have stuck with the post for this long. :D


annie hall said...

Awwww yay, thanks for the free advertising! :) Now the pressure's on... I'll have to be better about updating it if people are actually reading it! ;)
Love ya, cousin!

Abby said...

Are those geese on the pond??


Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the blog mention! I'm always surprised to find out who enjoys stopping by my blog.

I look forward to checking out the other blogs you recommended!

animalover said...

Yea, nice blogs :) I used to be like the only person I knew with a blog, and suddenly everybody has one!! :) it's actually really cool though :)