Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Inquiry

Everyone knows what Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is, right?
My question is:
Is it vanilla ice cream, with chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough (cookie dough that would make chocolate chip cookies, if baked) in it?
Is it chocolate chip ice cream, with chunks of plain cookie dough in it?
both. . . ?
Let me know if you figure this out. I've been dying of curiousity ever since 12:17 this morning.


Adam Nisbett said...

I always had the impression that it was vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough lumps.

Candi said...

That would be my guess too!! lol*

Mark said...

I think it's the latter, because I'm pretty sure there are chocolate chips in it that are not contained withing clumps of dough. That's my highly scientific analysis of the situation.

Dawn Hall said...

I think we should do a formal scientific analysis -- you know, buy as many different brands as we can of stuff called Chocolate Chip cookie Dough, invite a bunch of ice cream fanatics, and analyze each kind. Then we'll have to eat it all, of course!

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me!!=) i'll be there. let me know when and where it is.


animalover said...

I greatly desire to participate in this science project. Although to ensure the lack of experimental error it is imperative that both subjects and testers be in as large a number as possible.

Jenna said...

Once I saw an article in a magazine where a girl took all of the cookie dough lumps out of a carton of ice cream. Then she squished the lumps together and baked a cookie....sounds like an awful lot of work for 1 cookie (and I bet it didn't even taste that good.)