Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Wedding - March 2007 (an early Valentine's Day post)

We are pleased to announce
the (nearly) two year anniversary of
the union of
Isaac Daniel Hall
Megan Elizabeth Riefer
in Holy Matrimony
Enjoy these photos of their wedding as you try to figure out what it the world I am talking about.

The Wedding Party -
Bride: Megan Elizabeth Riefer
Groom: Isaac Daniel Hall
Minister: Ezekiel Hall
Maid of Honor: Stephanie Riefer
Bridesmaids: Laura Balch and Jennifer Riefer
Ring Bearer: David Riefer
Offical Babysitters: Ashley Riefer and Alida Hazell

The Groom

Our Beautiful Bride

The Lovely Maid of Honor

Ring (and grin) Bearer
The Joyful Couple


children of the farm said...

Haha:) Actually it's been 3 years!! I was 10 when we were married..I'm 13 now. Thanks for posting!


justin m said...

wow, they got started early!

alida said...

I totally remember that day.

It seems the "wedding" was just yesterday but everyone looks so little in the pictures.

Happy 2nd/3rd anniversary to Megan and Isaac! I need to get going and send them a card. :)

annie hall said...

hahaha that's so cute! I love the snoopy on Isaac's vest- it's such a nice touch! :)