Friday, August 28, 2009

Adjustments – Things to Get Used to

1. Taking my keys to the bathroom with me.

2. Walking everywhere.

3. Having a TV (and people I don’t know) in my room.

4. People. Always. Nearly 6,000.

5. A chemistry teacher who stands on the desk.

6. The concept of frat parties, and the girls that go to them.

7. Strange sleeping hours.

8. Eating with a tray under my plate.

9. Free time.

10. Climbing into, and making, a loft bed. (Going to bed takes real commitment.)

11. Brushing my teeth with an automatic faucet. It’s harder than it sounds.

12. Closing my blinds to change. I’m afraid someone across the way, on BNB fourth floor may just need to get used to looking away. ;)

13. Climbing four flights of stairs to get to my room.

14. Making new friends.

15. Not having coffee every morning (which may change, since I’ve discovered our dorm’s convenience store).

16. Sarah Deleware.

17. Working out.

18. Initials – SUB, CSI, SAB, SA’s. . . they all have meanings too.

19. Being called Rebekah – I decided that I’d try it out, and not go by “Becky” up here. So far, I like it.

20. Remembering to ask for cell numbers or last names, so I can contact people again or find them on facebook.

21. Having my phone always on vibrate or silent.

22. Games of Humans vs. Zombies on the quad. Imagine massive groups of 18-25 year olds running around shooting each other with nerf guns and throwing socks at each other. It’s great fun.

23. Homework.

24. Having the time to pursue basically whatever I want to, including time at the gym, and more time in my devotions and prayer.

25. Being away from my family and friends. That’s the hardest one.

Miss and love you all! I’d love to hear from you, so feel free to call, e-mail, fb message, snail mail. . . whatever. . . me!



by Rachel Cohen


ally said...

You are so cute in that picture!!!

Zeke said...

So, do you like your chemistry teacher? The Human vs. Zombie wars sounds fun. Do you participate in them? I can't imagine shooting a Nerf gun and throwing socks!

Rebekah said...

Thanks Alida!
Yeah Zeke, he's pretty cool. Kind of eccentric I guess. I haven't participated in Humans vs. Zombies yet, but maybe one day. It is crazy fun to watch. I think we'll have to play sometime when I get back, okay?

Abby said...

Who's Sarah Deleware?


Rebekah said...

Abby - she's my nursing teacher. Kind of strange. . . but she's cool. :)