Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yesterday evening, we got back from our big family vacation of the summer - two weeks in Ecuador. Of course, it was incredible. But you know me (if you're reading my blog, you'd better know me!) - I'm so glad to be home!

We have nearly 600 photos from the trip - and that's just our family. It was a family reunion, so that means there were 4 other digital cameras. I'm willing to bet that each one of them took more photos than we did.

On our way home, I had a thought (yes, it does happen) - what if I (oh horrors!) made a paper scrapbook, with printed photos, instead of blogging 7 billion (Isaac's favorite number) posts to show them all? As Harlow Doyle (from Odyssey) would say, "A brilliant idea!"

So - if you want to see Ecuador photos, then swing by our house in about two weeks and I'll let you have a peek. Or, if you really, really want to see some now - click here for an online album of them.

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sonja said...

Such a cute picture of you and Andy!