Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Truman Bulldog!

Hey guys!
Well, here I am, blogging (for the first time) from my dorm room. Let me say that again, slowly - my. dorm. room. *Deep breath. Nah, it's been great, so far. All . . . nearly 12 hours of it. :) My roommate is super chill, and I've met a lot of great girls on my floor and in my hall. The hard part is remembering names, and room numbers. I'm starting to get used to the whole exchanging cell phone numbers thing, because there isn't really another good way to make sure you connect with someone again! I'm really looking forward to CCF's on-campus worship service tomorrow morning - hoping to find a group of strong, Christian kids to spend my time here with.

Okay, time to be a good college student and prop my door open, and socialize. Love, and miss you all!

Becky. . . oh wait. Now I'm Rebekah. ;)

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