Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Little Things

I've been feeling rather under the weather since Sunday. Just normal cold stuff, and by this morning, I felt a lot better. However, by the time Math class came around, and after nearly 4 hours of classes, I started feeling feverish. I figured it was the room, or the clothes I'd chosen - after all, in this transition from warm to cold weather, buildings can have trouble adjusting! But an hour and a half later, as Chemistry Lab had just gotten started, I finally admitted that it was a legit fever.

Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a deal to me. I act like a baby when I'm sick, but it typically isn't nearly as rough as I portray it, and I would have been just fine on any typical day. But, when I got back from Chem at 3:30, I knew that the number one priority in my life wasn't R&R and getting over my fever. . . it was studying like crazy for my Math exam at 7:30. I hadn't studied yet, and had been stressing all week about how challenging it was going to be. (I've discovered anew this semester that Math is not my strong suit, in any sense of the word. Basically - this class is kicking my butt.) So I put on my pjs, curled up on the floor, and studied. And studied. I only lasted about 2 hours before falling asleep on my floor. When I fell asleep, I was still feverish, feeling overall horrible, and pretty darn sure that I was going to fail this rather important exam.

I woke up shortly before test time, got ready, and walked over to the room. I sat down, and realized that I was totally at peace. No stress. No worry. Just ready for the test, and whatever would come of it. As I sat in my hoody and jeans, I also noticed that I didn't feel weirdly chilly or warm anymore. Hmm. . . then I got the test. And what would you know - I got through it with very little trouble! I worked slowly, but felt like I know what I was doing every step of the way, and even caught myself on a few little mistakes that normally would have goen unnoticed. I walked out of that classroom fever-free, confident about my test, and feeling on top of the world.

I've been a child of God for a long time now, and yet, it still amazes me how much He cares about the little things. A math test, a little fever and exhaustion. . . what are these things, that they would concern the God of Creation? And yet, He loves us so much that He reaches down and shows us grace each and every day, and grants His peace to our weary souls. A shout out to those dear friends who have been praying for me lately - even with the little things, the Lord hears us! Thank you so much for you prayers! And thank you Jesus, for you attentiveness to our lives, and our worries - you are my everything.

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