Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pining for Photographs

Now you all know me (presumably). You are probably aware of my aversion to cameras. Or rather, cameras being pointed directly at my face. I've developed amazing reflexes relating to this (See Exhibits A-D).

Now, do not in any way imagine that this aversion has been altered in my 7 weeks here at college. Not by a long shot. (I'm afraid the title of this post may have mislead you into believing this, so a brief clarification was in order.)

I want a camera. I want to make my blog posts interesting and fun and exciting! But alas, I have not a camera. So I am pining - pining for a camera, pining for pictures to post. And this post has absolutely no value whatsoever. IF I had a camera, I would have posted something relevant to my life, something inspiring or amazing, or wonderfully beautiful.

That's all.


ally said...

Those pictures made me laugh!

You are amazing!


Mark said...


Hall Family said...
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Hall Family said...

Comment Deleted... What a wimp. Can't take your own Dad's comments exposing the truth of your silly behavior. Oh well, I guess you still have a few years to go before you have to grow up. Trust me, I should know. I haven't yet.