Monday, October 19, 2009

Mid-Term, Sunshine, and Fall Leaves

Well folks, it's mid-term. Do you know what that means? I'm 1/16 of the way through my college adventure! (I'm also currently taking the last math class of my life, so these next 8 weeks may be your last chance to see me use fractions in a blog post.)

Life is truly good - today, I've had a grin on my face ever since waking up. I am happy because. . .

1. I wasn't sad coming back to Truman. The last time I was home, and coming back up here was really hard emotionally. But this time, I'm actually glad to be here. I'm slowly beginning to genuinely enjoy my life here, and it's good, really good.

2. I locked my keys in my room today. I laughed at myself so much - I can't believe only 4 days home got me out of routine that much!

3. My friends Virginia, Laurel, and I have a date to go on a walk tonight. Always a fun time - and on a related note. . .

4. It isn't freezing outside! In fact, it's a beautiful fall day and I think I may break out the roller blades and skate around the neighborhoods behind our dorm this afternoon.

5. My math teacher was sick on Wednesday, and because we missed a class, he has postponed our test until next week. I would have had 3 tests this week if he hadn't, so that definitely made my day brighter. Did I mention this is the last math class I'll ever take?

6. I had such a fantastic, refreshing time home, during Fall Break. It's funny, because even though I definitely didn't catch up on sleep at all, I feel so rested now, and much more ready to face the day-to-day challenges that come my way. There is something to be said for spending time with friends and family - I think God uses those special moments of comfort and security to refresh us emotionally and spiritually, and I'm ever so thankful for that.

7. Um, fall leaves. Is there any person in the world that isn't made happy by fall leaves? Amyoplasts, I love thee so much.

8. I had a fun office hour at SAB this morning. Normally, I don't do much, since I have an office partner, and there isn't really enough work for two people. But today, I got to help cut handbills, and run things back and forth between the Mall and the office. So yes - it was a good time.

9. I won $50 extra in "Dining Dollars" in a drawing last week, which can be used at any food place on campus. I already have quite a few extra block meals in my account, just because I don't eat 3 meals a day every day, so I'm not going to have to worry at all about food this semester! I'm so excited - especially because it means I can use the dining dollars towards warm coffee drinks in the SUB. Yay!

10. God is good, and His love does endure forever . . . I have so many friends, real friends, and several best friends, all of whom care for me and show it in so many ways. My family is incredibly supportive (and functioning healthfully without me at home, a testimony to the great structure my parents have worked to create), and so very loving. My classes and teachers are tolerable, and the weather outside makes me feel like there is sunshine bursting in my soul (which Colin claims I don't have). My heart is rather full of feelings, and for the first time in my life, they aren't just dreams of what could be. And most importanly, He is working in my heart - slowly, but surely, He continually points out inconsistencies, and brings along people in my life to encourage me as I strive to live for Him. What more could a girl ask for? Except maybe lunch. Which I shall now go eat.


Anonymous said...


Bueno, espero que te diviertas en la universidad.

Mark said...

Colin is silly.

Zeke said...

What do you mean?

Mark said...

Who, me?