Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alexander’s Birthday Adventure

Alexander turned 20 years old yesterday. Apparently last year, when he was a freshman, no one did anything about his birthday because it fell during finals week, and no one really knew about it. When he told me that, I felt this insanely strong mother-instinct to make his birthday at least somewhat special this year. So, I made cupcakes and my friend Amanda bought him a birthday present (a really fake looking tie from the Dollar store that has a button that plays music. Just what he needed). Several problems came up though – I realized that we couldn’t light his candles indoors without getting in trouble and causing the entire dorm to evacuate, which is never fun. So, we took the cupcakes outside. It was snowing!! SO beautiful! Here’s Joseph holding the cupcakes (and Greg, freezing because he didn’t realize we were going to be outside for an extended period of time and didn’t grab his coat).100_0189

Jason trying to light the wet candles in the windy, snowy weather.

We got one lit, and then sang really, really fast while Alexander blew it out. :) Oh, and contrary to the proof presented by these pictures, Joseph does NOT always have a strange look on his face. It just happened.100_0190

Alexander, blowing out his candle. It might or might not have taken him several tries. :)100_0193

Amanda and her mini-snow man!



Joseph Lieber takes a slide, after running around the entire math building without his shirt on.

He was home schooled, which I think explains this picture entirely.

100_0195 We spent a while playing in the fresh snow, then came back to the dorm for some hot chocolate. All in all, a rather successful evening. Happy birthday, Alexander! Never stop laughing (because then we wouldn’t be able to find you ANYWHERE on campus just by taking a moment and listening for you, like we can now).

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Abby said...

Oh, I definitely don't know any homeschoolers who would do something like that!;)