Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Only Bedroom

Several weeks after coming to college, I got an e-mail from my Mum, informing me that my bedroom had been converted into a haven for the young ones in our home. I now sleep in the guest room. However, this is not as sad of a story as it may sound! Because, lo and behold, I have yet another bedroom (which is now my only bedroom)! And here are pictures. First, this is my roommate’s side. She was in a car accident in the third week of the semester, and has been living on the first floor in the handicap room ever since. She took most of her stuff with her, but will be moving back come Spring semester! I can’t wait.100_0042

And this is my side of the room. I really need to rearrange my pictures on the wall , and add some color, but I’m going to wait until Blair (my roommate) moves back and we rearrange furniture so that her bed isn’t lofted. Then, I’ll know better what kind of wall space I have to work with.100_0045100_0047 100_0048 100_0051

100_0054  100_0049

So there you go! My room – quite thrilling, actually.

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ashley said...

Aww, I'm so excited to see where you live! :) I love your picture wall!
Miss you tons ~
Love and hugs,