Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Break and Such

A whole week off for Thanksgiving - what a luxury! One of my professors didn't even know that Truman was getting an entire week this year. This is the first year they have and, as he put it, "That was totally not on my radar. At all" (he told me this with a bewildered look on his face). I think he needed the break. I know I did - three tests and two papers the week before quite wore me out!

The weekend before break I spent in Peoria, Illinois, at a National Missionary Convention. It was great - I mostly enjoyed, the time spent with friends, talking about missions and all the possibilities we, as young people, have before us right now. God could do anything with our lives!

After the convention, most of the week was spent relaxing at home - and I do mean relaxing. I'm afraid I was rather lazy. We watched movies, and played games, took walks and naps. Thanksgiving dinner was spent at our friends the Q2s' house, along with Mrs. Hazell, Zephan, and Alida. Lots of food and laughter - friends just make everything in life that much more wonderful, don't they?

I turned 18 on Friday, with very little ceremony. Kind of humbling when you have an unassuming birthday - but I did get to go on a long walk, talk quite a bit with God, get a hug from a very special girl, receive a wonderful birthday present shortly after I was legally 18, and watch A-team late in the shed with the guys.

The weekend was very exciting - we are now the proud borrowers of a horse! When my cousin asked to hear all about it, I told her all I knew - "It's brown." If you are one of those special people who wants to know every detail, my sister and Mum both blogged about it as well. I just have some pictures. My little family of cowboys (and girls)! Aren't they precious? I think Andy was cowering in the basement at this point, asking himself what we have become. :) Just kidding - he was as excited about the horse as anyone . . . just not quite as ready to entirely forsake his California roots.

So over all, a very successful weekend home - even though I didn't shoot a gun, play racquetball, or watch Beauty and the Beast with a certain someone who has never seen it. But there's always Christmas break!

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