Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Apologies

Well, I know that once again I have been quite tardy in updating this blog of mine. I know that I promised more pictures and posts upon returning from NY, but I just wasn't able to find the time before we headed off to California. I have about a week and a half now before the next trip I take, so I will try to keep things up-to-date during that time period. :) Please check back in the archives for new posts as well -- I am going to try and keep things chronilogical, which means going back and adding photos from graduation, the wedding in NY, being in Illinois with Grandma and Grandpa, and our California trip.
Here are some photos of little Elizabeth. She is the cutest and most photogenic in the family, and the easiest to get pictures of. *cough*Abby*cough*. :)

At a baseball game

Playing soccer with the Hickles' calf

With one of the Nisbetts' adorable puppies

Reffing a volleyball game for us


kingrussian1 said...

That little girl is my favorite.

Children of the Farm said...

Love the pictures. :) Elizabeth is so amazing... what a precious blessing she is from the Lord!