Sunday, June 29, 2008

St. Louis

Our dear friends from Norway, the Staurlands, have been visiting us this past week. We picked them up in St. Louis on Monday, and took them up in the Arch that evening. As you can see, the Mississippi River was quite high! We normally park below those street lights, on some cobblestones, when we go to the arch. Not this time!

Zeke, Andres (behind Zeke's head), Rebecca, and Bjorn on the way up!

St. Louis from the sky

Hardcore piggy-back ride. Abby and I were wondering if we could hop on as well. . .

We stayed at a hotel in St. Louis that night, and then went to Grant's Farm in the morning. The Clydesdale's were beautiful -- so huge though, I would be quite afraid to ride one! The kids really enjoyed walking around and looking at the different animals. It rained on us for about 15 minutes, and most of the people at the farm decided to leave. We waited it out, and enjoyed a relatively empty park for the rest of the afternoon. :)Zeke, Abby, and Rebecca

Camel and Zeke -- he was far braver than I!

Elizabeth feeding the Camel, with assistance from Andy.


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