Friday, June 27, 2008


For a long time, the title of my blog has been bothering me. It was over on the sidebar, and I could not figure out how to get it centered! Well, today I took a deep breath, and entered a very scary world by clicking on the "edit HTML" button. I almost gave up, but at last. . . success! My blog title is now centered, and I even went an extra step by discovering how to make it span across the entire page, rather than just over the posts! Needless to say (and although this may not be a very Christian attitude), I am very, very proud of myself. :) However, there was one thing I couldn't figure out. Although I have maxed out the time-I-can-spend-in-front-of-a-computer-screen for today, I would appreciate comments on this post for the next time I sit down to fiddle around with my blog layout. So for those of you who understand this whole blog business, here is my dilemma: I want to get rid of the gap between my posts and my (newly centered) title. As you can see, the sidebar items come right up under the header, but for some reason there is a huge gap in the main section. This is driving my symmetrical mind insane! Any clues on how to get rid of that?

-Becky, the aspiring computer genius (not!)


Adam Nisbett said...

Congratulations on your success at tackling HTML! I'm not sure exactly what the cause of the extra space is without looking at the HTML. If you want to copy the section of the HTML between the 'body' and '/body' tags (probably near the last part of the HTML) and send it to me somehow (email or facebook) I could likely find the problem. Offhand, I would suggest looking for unnecessary 'div' tags or 'br' tags, but that's about all I can suggest without seeing the code.

Adam Nisbett said...

OK, actually, I think I may have figured it out by looking at the page source code:

While using the HTML editor, go to the section that is labeled Page Structure, then look for a sub-section labeled #main-wrapper. There should then be one line that looks like this:

padding:100px 0 20px;

change that to this:

padding: 0 0 20px;

and I think it should then work.

Rebekah Grace said...

Well as you can see, your suggestion worked! (I'm not surprised.) Thank you so much for your help Adam. :) I think it might be a while before I play around with the HTML again though. . . lol. Computers are most certainly not my thing, in case you didn't notice.


kingrussian1 said...

You solved it for both of us. Now I have to steal the HTML to fix mine, since both of our blogs got screwed up at the same time when they got changed for some random reason.

animalover said...

I was going to tell you how, but apparently Adam already did.. oh well, congrats on entering the wonderful wonderful exciting world of HTML and source code!! amazing tools!! best friend of the radical blogger! haha now you just need to learn how to make custom blog templates :)

Rebekah Grace said...

Oh I think I am set for the time being Matthew. ;) Computers are not my thing. . . I often suspect that they are why God created men.