Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Birthday Tea

The beautiful birthday girl, Abigail Laura Hall. Born 14 years ago on September 16th, she has brought joy to the lives of so many. I am honored and blessed beyond words to have her as my sister - I truly wouldn't have it any other way. Love you Abby, and hope you enjoyed your birthday!


The whole group, with the exception of me. :)

Back Row, L to R: Miss Sonja Hazell, Miss Kelsey Q2, Miss Corrie Welshymer, Miss Alida Hazell, Miss Tess Hamacher, Miss Jennifer Williams, Miss Sarah Hickle, Miss Kayla Brown, Miss Hillary Brown
Second Row, L to R: Miss Renee Pettijohn, Miss Kaitlin Hanlin
Front Row, L to R: Miss Elise Hamacher, Miss Abigail Hall

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Anonymous said...

thnx Becky.:-D

<3 u 2!

Abi Lala