Saturday, October 18, 2008

HTML again. . .

Okay, so in an effort to take a break from writing my essay this weekend, I started fiddling around with the html of my blog again. I've really, really, really been wanting to make the body and the sidebars take up the entire screen, rather than just the center 50%. :) I finally, kinda sorta figured this out, but now there is a little thing that is driving me insane -- in my "a few favorites" sidebar, the bullet points are overlapping the words! I'm not sure which of my changes made this happen and I'm sad that I can't figure out how to fix that. If you can. . .I'm all ears!



Adam Nisbett said...

Find the section called "More Sidebar Content" and then look under ".sidebar ul li {" (which defines the style applied to elements labeled as sidebar content and contained within 'ul' (unordered list) and 'li' (list item) tags.)

The 'background:' line defines the little bullet point picture and the numbers at the end of the line determine how each bullet point is offset. You can play around with numbers there, but I think you'll probably want to make them 0px (distance from the left edge of the sidebar block) and 0.5em (vertical offset). Then you can adjust the location of the left edge of the words with the 'padding-left:' line and I think that 10px should be about right.

Rebekah Grace said...

It worked! Thanks Adam. . . I'm so glad I have friends who understand all this stuff. ;)