Saturday, October 11, 2008

Memories from 2004

Elizabeth Dawn Hall, several days after she was born.

With Andy, who was 14 years old

At Elizabeth's Baptism, in California shortly before we moved

Football in the yard!

The Team - Uncle Dave, Dad, Andy, Mattie, Uncle Jay
Sarah Hazell, Eva, Nicky, Zeke, Abby, Graham, Thomas (look at how little Zeke and Abby are!)

Zeke. . . some things don't change. ;)

Dimple Boy!


Zeke, age 8


Isaac, age 2

When we first moved to Missouri, and before Isaac was able to talk, he would "preach". He'd find a book, get onto a step stool, and jabber on and on, very animatedly, but without any distinct words. :) It was quite cute.

Andy, age 14

I believe this was a school project. :) Christmas 2004
Becky age 13 and Abby, age 10

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Ashley said...

oh wow! Becky, these are amazing. :)
I love your family! Thanks for sharing.
Sending a big hug...