Friday, April 3, 2009

The Fearsome Pirates of Penzance!

Their fearless - although quite simple - leader, the Pirate King!
(Joel Nisbett)
His right-hand - and often confused - man, Samuel.
(Adam Nisbett)
The self-described "piratical maid of all work," Ruth,
with her ward, the pirate apprentice, Frederic.
(Amanda Engelke and Nathan Brown)
The Paradox Trio

Some fierce pirates . . .
(Matt Strautman, Josiah Nisbett, Benjamin Wegner, and David Strautman)

. . . and some not so fierce pirates.
(Nathan Hickle, Benjamin)
My sister, Abby, seems to be bringing them to tears.
Hmmmm. . .I will have to let her teach me this trick.

And lastly, because everyone knows that pirates spend their time arm-wrestling. . .
(Mr. Davidson, Benjamin)
Nathan B., you're cheating!

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Rachel said...

All these pictures were fun to view; thanks!