Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Afternoon

As I took a short break from the massive rearrangement (did I just invent a new word?) that is currently taking place in my bedroom (the air of which is thick with bug killing powder), this scene greeted me downstairs:

Grandma and Grandpa were peacefully relaxing in the living room, reading and resting in front of the fire-place.

The 12-year-old was pulling the 6-year-old through the house, on his stomach, with a white rope. I think the 6-year-old was laughing.

The 4-year-old was sitting on the couch in the living room, calmly catching up on the news in WORLD magazine.

I love my life.



children of the farm said...

haha, that's cute:) Sounds pretty much like our life too!! lol


annie hall said...

oh the joys of having a big family... I miss all the craziness!