Friday, April 3, 2009

This Day In History. . .

So, I know this great young lady. Maybe great is an understatement. Maybe I should say incredible. Fantabulous. Glorious. Sublime. Well, you get the picture. She's pretty special.

And today in history, 18 years ago . . . . well, she was born, you see.
Birthdays are interesting. Most of the intagible things in this world are measured by quality, not quantity. And yet life, one of the most important things around, is often boiled down to quantity - our celebrations center around how long somehow has lived.

But that's not what really matters, is it? No - life, among the other "idea" nouns, ought to be measured in quality. And I will declare, unabashedly, that Ashley is far older than 18 when it comes to the quality of life she has lead thus far. Although I've only really known her for abut 4 years (that's right, isn't it?), I can confidently sit here and write that she lives her life to the fullest.

The reason I say this is not her stunning beauty (although she has more than her share of that!). It's not the fact that she lights up a room with her gentle smile. It isn't her sweet way of caring for her younger siblings, or her loving submission to her parents. It's not the words of wisdom she has always ready for a friend, and it's not her constant peace, despite the circumstances.
No - the reason Ashley's life is so full and so abudant, is because she has found the One who is the Source of all life. And her beauty, her smile, her submission, her wisdom, her peace, and all else, comes from Him. The simple fact that she is His beloved daughter, so very precious in His sight, is the secret to her leading such a life - one that shines with many, many years

Thank you Ashley, for using your personality, your gifts, and your talents to always point others to the Life Giver. May you have a blessed birthday! I love you, my kindred spirit!

Becky Girl


Busy Minnesota Mama said...

Love the title of your blog. Hope your friend had a terrific birthday. The Pirate play looks like it was a ton of fun. I did some of those in High school and they are some of my fondest memories. Just want to let you know that you have been "surfed". Come on over to my blog to see what that means. ~verna

children of the farm said...

Thank you for posting this Becky<3 You mean a LOT to Ash.


Rachel said...

She's a treasure, all right. :) What a nice post about your friend!r

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful Becky! You really have a gift for writing!!

And Happy LATE Birthday Ashley!