Saturday, May 23, 2009

19. Go to a concert

This Wednesday, I completed #19 on my packing list - I went to a "real" concert! Although Zephan and Colin were not able to join us, Andy and several of our friends went up to St. Louis to hear Flatfoot 56, a Celtic punk band. It was a pretty terrible venue, and the other bands playing weren't that impressive either. But that's okay - it's the memory that counts. . . Thanks Andy, for putting up with the little sister and always trying to help me be cool. It's not worked yet, but keep trying!

Funny story - the little guy wearing a kilt and jumping in this photo plays bagpipes and mandolin for the band. And he's incredibly young-looking and short. The three other guys are brothers, and the guy on the far left is tall. Like really tall. Like he kept walking by me and standing behind me and it scared me every time.

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Mark said...

Yay good times! I'm just glad my shirt finally came clean. . .