Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life - It Happens, You Know ( Part I)

What a peaceful morning! I woke up at 5 am, and was able to enjoy the sunrise as I did my daily devotions alone in the quiet living room. I was struck by the fact that, while life has been incredibly chaotic and busy lately, and I've been faced with many changes in recent months, God Himself hasn't changed a bit. Isn't it a blessing to realize that, while we might not always understand why things happen the way they do, we can always trust who our God is - and his constant, steadfast love is with us at every moment!

Now, I'm sitting in the living room, rocking out to Zeke's Hyper static Union CD - the littlest child is safely ensconced in the kitchen cupboard (I was not responsible for putting her in there - she gets in by herself and likes to just sit in the cupboard. Maybe she think it's the only place she can find peace and quiet, I don't know.), Isaac is getting some breakfast, Zeke and Dad are traveling to Zeke's baseball game, and Mum and Abby are representing our family at church this morning. Our weekend has been incredibly busy, with many late nights and early mornings, so I am being a heathen and staying home from church with the kiddos. Elizabeth just came out from her hiding place and is now eating peanuts, dripping from the nose, and crying. At the same time. Wow.

I realize that the last time I gave a decent, essay long monologue about the activities of my life was back in January. . . that's an entire semester ago! Meaning that this will probably be the longest blog post in the world. Deep breath . . .
PART I - The Day-to-Day Occurrences, Characterized by Many "Lasts"

(skip to part two for slightly more interesting reading, or to someone else's blog for actually more interesting reading)

Obviously, basketball season ended a while back. It was great fun this year, and our end-of-the-year night was really exciting - I know that my Mum and Dad love seeing sports drawing together so many home school families. (Isaac just looked over my shoulder and told me, "I think you should say my Mum and Dad." The boy genius is taking over my blog . . . and editing my writing.) It was slightly sad to have my last season "with" RHAA - and realize that next year, I might not even get to make any volleyball or basketball games! Hard to imagine. . .

Since basketball ended however, our family has begun Soccer and Baseball. Abby and Zeke were in Soccer, on the same team, and although they didn't have a exceptional season, I think they both enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I did not make it to any of their games this Spring - I think that going to EVERY game last fall balances that out though. ;) Last week was the final week of soccer games, so we can cross that off the family list of activities. Andy and Zeke are both playing baseball, Andy with his school in Poplar Bluff. Mum and Dad have been able to make it to a substantial number of Andy's games, although that requires a rather large amount of traveling. They love Andy, and baseball though, so they make it work (don't ask why - it's hard to understand). Zeke is just starting baseball season, so we have a summer of those to go to . . . Joy!

Mondays have consistently consisted (ooooh - that was totally unintentional!) of driving Abby, Zeke, Sarah, and Rachel to band. This is probably the highlight of my week. There is something terribly fun about being in the car for two hours with those kids. :) I also enjoy spending a few hours in Sullivan, all by myself. I do meal planning on Sunday nights, make a grocery list on Monday mornings, then hit Aldi and Walmart during band and buy food for the week. It's worked really well, and I've enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of family food preparation. Last week was our final week of band (another "last") - I'm going to miss my time with those kids so much. Nathan - good luck topping my treats if you have to drive next year. :p Mrs. Hickle and Mum - thanks for trusting me with your kids every week.

Tuesdays this semester I was still babysitting and having class. Babysitting and class both ended last week - last time babysitting with Camie (and after doing it for 3 years now, being done makes me pretty sad!), last class with Ms. Kolb, my favoritest teacher ever. Another Tuesday activity has been the Bright Lights' Group that my dear friend Alida and I begun this January. We gather together with nine young ladies (ages ranging from 8-13) twice a month and spend some time in Bible study - we also enjoy games, service activities, singing together, and snacks. :) It's been so great for both Alida and me - preparing the lessons each week has encouraged us in our walks with Christ, and having to come up with service projects for the girls has forced us to take action on some of the ideas we've had in the past. This week, we're visiting a nursing home to sing, and then next week will be our ending Tea Party. Another last. Sigh. Alida - thanks so much for starting this and keeping with it! I will forever cherish the memories we've made. Girls - I'll miss you all next year!

Wednesdays I would classify as another highlight of the week. This semester, I've gone out to the Quakkelaars' house nearly every Wednesday and helped Mrs. Q with whatever she needs help with - most often, that is doing school with her kids and Alex & Julia Pettijohn. I feel so at home there, and they really have become a second family to me. While Mrs. Q and the kids might think that I was coming out to help them, I was actually going out there every week because of the help they gave me! Regardless of how upsetting or frustrating my week had been, I never failed to leave their house uplifted, and encouraged. I refuse to think of this in light of being a "last," although reality causes me to realize that next fall, I won't get to see Gabe, Maggie, Eva, Malachi, Zeko and Mrs. Q every week. Mrs. Q - thank you so very much for allowing me to come invade your home once a week. I know for a fact that the noise level rises substantially with me in the house, and I appreciate that you put up with that. Kids - thanks for adopting me and putting up with my everything style cooking! Someday when you are ancient 17-year-olds, you can come help me do school with my kids. I can't wait. :)

Since the Quakkelaars have been gone for the past few weeks, I have continued doing school with the P kids several days a week. That's been fun - definitely a good experience, as far as learning teaching techniques, and what works to motivate kids. *cough* candy *cough* This Thursday was a "last" with that - and Alex and Julia are thrilled to be done with their school! Thanks kids, for being so cooperative, and laughing at my car with me. I'll never forget you guys, and will pray for you often.

Thursdays most often involve babysitting for MOPS (had my "last" for that a few weeks ago), Comp class, and CCF. CCF this semester was simply amazing. Although I unfortunately missed quite a few weeks, the ones I did make caused me to have many late nights. I would come home still thinking about what had been taught, and often feel forced to examine myself, and change things about my life. The spiritual encouragement has been invaluable during a rather dry semester. Not to mention that the music makes me want to cry. Or raise my hands. But I think that Mark or Ashley, whom I often stand next to, would have a heart attack if I did that. After all, I am Lutheran. ;)

Fridays - Fridays are always different! It's good - keeps me on my toes. Alida, Ashley, and I were able to spend several afternoons together, sharing prayer requests and holding each other accountable in our lives. More often than not, I would end up planning something for Fridays with friends - for an introverted person, I sure do know how to surround myself with people!

The musical "Pirates of Penzance" also has occupied much time this semester. I was props manager, and I've already posted several times about this - well, we had the Cast Party last night, and finished on a high note! Another last - most likely the last Fine Linen production I'll be an active part of, at least for a while. I'll miss you, theatre people! Saturdays were pretty well occupied by that - first with rehearsals, then with dress rehearsals and performances. It was fun.

*Side note: A cup of orange juice, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it, is a heavenly treat. Even at 9:42 in the morning. Hey, give me a break - I've been up for nearly 5 hours! It's like lunch. . .

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