Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Bright Lights Girls

This fall, my dear friend Alida and I have led a small Bible study for 9 young ladies in the Rolla area. We've used the "Bright Lights" curriculum, developed by a homeschool girl named Sarah Malley. The girls in the group are all home-schooled, and range in age from 8 -13 (although the 13 year old is more of an assistant leader!). I know that both Alida and I have been so blessed by these girls. Having to dig in and prepare the lessons each week challenged both of us, and we really enjoy watching the girls grow and learn. We were able to do several service projects, and visited a local nursing home twice - the first time, Alida and I played piano and the girls sang. But the second time, about 5 of the girls also played piano! What a joy, to be able to bless these older people in such a simple way. Alida and I were both so very proud of the girls, for being brave enough to play, and for being so friendly, kind, and gentle in talking with the adults after we sang.

Alida, the fearless leader and the fun one

Becky, the one who Schedules

A rowdy game of "Switch If," a group favorite

This is all the girls and Alida with their "Action Packs." We did a service project with them - each girl brought several items, and we filled these large plastics bags, which are then shipped overseas to families or individuals who are in need.
The shipping cost $7 for each bag, so we asked the girls to raise some money and bring it in to cover the cost. Imagine our surprise when the girls brought in a total of $63 dollars! Wow! We were able to put the money towards buying some things from World Vision, a Christian relief organization. I believe the girls picked out A month of therapy for a disabled child, and a pair of goats for a family in Africa. We were so very proud of them!

This Tuesday, we had a Tea Party to wrap up the semester, before we take a break for summer. It was so fun - we ate a LOT of food (chocolate. . . ), played some fun games, and enjoyed each others' company.

The girls brought most of these snacks - they were delicious!
Except the chocolate. . . it smelled. :p

Andy even joined us - just for the food!

These girls got the giggles when they were taking pictures of each other.

We played "Oranges and Lemons" - pretty fun,
although it didn't quite work the second time around!

So the reason this one is blurry is because I was laughing
so hard when Alida jumped into the picture.
I told them to pose - this is what I got.

The Whole Group

What a fantastic experience! Thanks so much Alida, for all your hard work! And thanks to you girls, for sticking with us and coming to the meetings, and letting us be crazy with you.


CuthFamily said...


That sounds like you and the girls had a lot of fun this year! I am currently reading Before You Meet Prince Charming, which is by Sarah Malley. I am a friend of the Quakkelaars, and read your blog a lot. It's cool to see that I'm not the only girl who likes the Bright Lights!


ashley said...

wow... very fun. :) I especially like the one of Megan in the fruits game. lol